Rutherford Cancer Centres

The Rutherford Cancer Centres operate a network of cancer centres, nationally and internationally, providing all-encompassing cancer services for patients.  The centres deliver high-quality diagnostic imaging and the latest in advanced cancer treatments including radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and, in the future, proton beam therapy across all centres.

Rutherford Cancer Centres – Devon Energy Partnership Client

Thames Valley 50kW

Rutherford Cancer Centres, has taken the first steps towards reducing its electricity bills, securing its energy future and boosting its green credentials following the completion of a 50kWh solar PV system by Devon Energy Partnership and their Partners Mole Energy.

The system is installed on the roof of the centre in Reading.  It will not only generate an exceptional return on investment of 18.3% but also reduce the company’s carbon emissions by 23 tonnes per year.



Project date

Dec 2018

System size





Solar Edge

Mounting system

Van Der Valk

Annual electricity generated

51000 kWh

Utilities installation, supply and monitoring

DEP has been working with Rutherford Cancer centres for a number of years now.

Installed a new 1800 KVA electricity supply at the Reading, Liverpool and Northumberland cancer centres. Then went on to install new gas supplies including installing new Itron U65 meters across their whole portfolio.

DEP were then asked to install energy monitoring equipment at their Reading centre. The technology has now enabled their estates team to understand clearly when, where and how electricity was being used.

Country Haylage

A West Country haylage producer that manages 700 acres of grassland, providing forage for the equestrian sector. The business used to run a 150kva supply diesel generator to power balers, compactors and packing machines.

Country Haylage – Devon Energy Partnership Client

The rising cost of diesel prompted Country Haylage to ask DEP to install a main supply.

  • Installed meter and switch gear
  • Negotiated MOP agreement
  • Negotiated supply contract
Duration Consumption
Diesel Gen 12 months £122,441
EON 12 months £91,364
Saving £31,077 (25%)