Commercial Battery Storage

Capitalise on energy savings by storing excess solar generation and using it when your business needs it. Storage will allow you to offset peak demand, save on electricity and generate an additional revenue stream through demand-side response to the national grid.

How does battery storage work?

The concept of energy storage is relatively simple: whilst your solar panels are generating energy from the sun during the daytime, the energy will firstly power your business, all the extra energy being generated that you are not using will be diverted to the battery. Once the batteries are fully charged the extra energy is then fed back into the national grid. When the panels are producing less energy than the business requires, the inverter will pull the free stored energy from the battery to feed the demand from the business.
In addition to this the energy storage the system can be programmed to prioritise its usage for peak shaving, to reduce TUoS (Transmission use of System) and DuoS (Distribution Use of charges) charges for your business.
There is also the possibility to participate through a third party aggregator to offer demand-side response to the national grid. You will be paid in return for your energy storage system being used to help balance the National Grid in times of need.

Benefits of battery storage:

  • Use free solar electricity at times of high demand to reduce peak time charges
  • Generate additional revenue through offering a demand-side response for the National Grid
  • Protect yourself against rises in energy prices