Solar PV


If your business consumes a lot of electricity and you have space either on the roof or the ground of your premises why not consider Solar PV? The latest generation of PV panels are making solar an attractive option for forward thinking businesses.

With the energy markets in constant flux and non-commodity costs increasing by 7% per annum (cost of moving to a low carbon economy 2050) it’s a good time to consider Solar PV. The technology has evolved in recent years and a typical investment return horizon is now less than 6 years without the added Feed In Tariff contribution.

We have partnered with one of the UK most respected installers of large scale commercial systems offering unparalleled customer service.

Benefits of solar:

  1. Get paid to export to the national grid
  2. Protect your business from future rises in energy costs
  3. Producing clean energy and reduce carbon emissions
  4. Provides the foundations to addressing future environmental legislation