Vehicle charging infrastructure.

If you have a customer facing business and you think vehicle charging points could be an attractive addition to your premises, why not get in touch and get some professional advice on installing EV charging points.

Road transportation accounts for over a 20% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Governments around the world have set targets to reduce those emissions. Following the rapid advancement in lithium-ion battery technology and the decreasing cost of production, electric vehicles now present an affordable and sustainable method of transport for the mass market. Fully electric cars cut emissions in half and if you are charging with renewable electricity then this figure drops even further. 

The Department for Transport estimate that 94% of car journeys are under 25 miles long whilst Electric Vehicles have a range of 150 – 300 miles. Refuelling is being replaced by recharging. EV drivers expect to plug in and charge wherever they park. Public and private sector organisations are rolling out fast-charging infrastructure along the UK’s highways to help with longer journeys and retailers up and down the country are beginning to install fast-chargers to attract customers.

Facts about electric vehicles
  • A diesel Audi Q3 travels 12.4 miles per litre
  • Avg. price of diesel is £1.30 per litre
  • That’s £1,256 per year to fuel an Audi Q3
  • Jaguar I-Pace goes 3.1 miles per kWh
  • The price of electricity in the UK is £0.15
  • That’s £581 per year to run the I-Pace
  • No contest
How can we help?
Our partners are able to provide a range of EV charging solutions that can meet individual user needs and commercial fleet requirements. We have commercial options available to suit all types of organisations.