Solar PV.

If your business consumes a lot of energy and you have space on the ground or on the roof of your premises, why not consider Solar PV? The latest generation of PV panels are making solar an attractive option for forward thinking businesses.

With wholesale energy markets in constant flux and non-energy costs increasing by £7.5% per annum (the cost of moving to a low carbon economy) it’s a good time to consider Solar PV. The technology has evolved in recent years and now makes sound financial sense for high-consumption businesses. 

A typical investment return horizon is now less than 5 years and solar PV offer clients the opportunity to harvest their own energy and reduce exposure to future energy price rises whilst becoming battery ready*. We have partnered with one of the UK’s leading installers of large-scale commercial and domestic systems. 

Benefits of Solar PV

  • Get paid to export to the national grid
  • Protect yourself from rising energy costs
  • Producing clean energy and reduce carbon emissions
  • Generate a portion of your own electricity