Commercial battery storage.

Become more energy efficient by storing excess solar generation in commercial batteries for use when your business needs it most – during peak hours of the day. Start saving money immediately by offsetting peak demand.
How does it work?

Your solar panels generate energy during the day, which powers your business. When this demand is met, all the surplus energy is diverted to the batteries. When fully charged, any extra energy is fed back to the national grid. If the panels are producing less energy than the business is using, the inverter will use the energy from the battery to power your business.

The energy storage system can be programmed to prioritise its usage for ‘peak shaving’ thereby reducing ‘transmission use of system’ (TUoS) and ‘distribution use of system’ (DUoS) charges that you would ordinarily incur. You become a power generator, offering demand-side response to the national grid. You will be paid in return for helping balance the National Grid in times of need.

Benefits of battery storage?
  • Use solar to offset peak time charges
  • Offset base load usage and lower your bills
  • Sell energy to the National Grid
  • Protect yourself from rising energy prices